Plath Sites

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Plath websites

    • Sylvia Plath Forum
    • Anja Beckmann’s Sylvia Plath pages
    • Sylvia Plath 75th Year Symposium
      at Oxford, October 2007
    • Sylvia Plath Biography
    • The Academy of American Poets: Sylvia Plath
    • Neurotic Poets: Sylvia Plath
    • Peter Steinberg’s Sylvia Plath pages
    • Sylvia Plath 70th Year Commemoration and Literary Symposium at Indiana University in fall 2002
    • Sylvia Plath pages of the Book Case, Hebden Bridge
    • Plath and Hughes material from the archives of the New York Times
    • Diane Middlebrook’s pages on Anne Sexton
    • “The Peanut Crunching Crowd”: Charlotte Crofts
    • Annotating Walt Whitman
    • Annotating Walt Whitman (2)
    • The Ted Hughes Corner